About Inez Abrahamzon

Picture of Inez AbrahamzonInez Text & Bild AB

In 1991 I founded my own business Inez Text & Bild. My clients include the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Sveriges Television and Sveriges Radio. In 2013 I organised Europe’s first joint Rural Parliament, which attracted participants from more than 30 countries and more than 10 European rural networks.

Degree in journalism

I received my bachelor of arts degree, focusing on journalism, in June 2005.

I was the first women to chair a nationwide organisation representing rural networks, Hela Sverige ska leva (All Sweden Shall Live). I then chaired its sister organisation, Hela Norden ska leva, representing the Nordic countries.
In 2013, after several fascinating and rewarding years with these organisations, I left to concentrate on new challenges, one of which has undoubtably been organising the first European joint Rural Parliament. In the future I also plan to continue my busy freelance career working on various assignments involving writing, major projects and process leadership.

CV for Inez Abrahamzon (PDF)

I have always been actively engaged in community issues.

For me, it was more about deeds than words. I still feel the same way. I became involved with community action groups early on in my career, developing democratic methods that allowed a greater number of people to have their say and not be dependent on a few “potentates”. Seminars became workshops and my ideas have been taken up at local level and at rural parliamentary sessions.

I’ve managed to complete a few things!

I qualified:

  • As a nanny, assistant nurse and pre-school teacher. I also have a BA in journalism.
  • With the university of life. I have discovered that there is much more surrounding us than we are aware of.

But there are a few things left to do….

Being a country girl, I never get bored, I’m always pondering on what to do next. There is always something that has to be done, completed or written. It is just a case of choosing what to do and diving in – especially if it involves the voluntary sector!

But there is always room to take on more so, if you have something I can help you with, get in touch!

I spend my spare time studying – it’s such a boost to my personal development! Most recently I attended a course on mediumship, intuition and healing led by Terry Evans and have also studied Ayurveda (an ancient system of natural healing), leadership from a systems theory perspective and the latest trends in our media convergent society. Despite possessing a wide range of knowledge, I still feel that there is so much left to discover. I certainly believe that learning is a lifelong process and that life is for living.

At home my woodpile is high so there is plenty of time to contemplate the deeper things in life whilst cutting and splitting the wood. By combining spiritual warmth with that of the house I can at least claim that I am resource efficient! That’s important these days.

In the future, I would like to work on projects that really improve the quality of life. I enjoy travelling and prefer to head for warmer climes in winter. My dream is to combine my life here in rural Latikberg with exciting projects in Sweden or abroad. That would be so nice!