Working with you for three hours or more, up to a period of three days, I enable each participant to engage for themselves or for the group on an equal level. The contents of each session are governed by participants with further guidance via a number of meetings through the following year.

Inez different methods

Future workshop

– A suitable process for solving distinct problems

Future workshops bring together criticism, fantasy, emotions and humour to generate creative new thoughts and break up the monotony of daily life. By focussing on participants’ worries, desires, ideas and visions, concepts such as democracy, creativity and engagement become real. Thus visions for the future are systematically created.

The Future Workshop method allows us to break with socially bound hierarchies, such as differences in age and experience. It was devised by Berlin-born Robert Jungk who worked on futurology and social criticism and made documentaries, published books and worked as a freelance journalist for many publications, including the UK newspaper, The Observer newspaper. In 1986, he was presented with the Right Livelihood Award (Sweden’s alternative Nobel prize).

Future Workshops have been popular in Germany and Denmark for many years and are used by a wide range of organisations, including civic authorities, government ministries, the media and other associations, to devise new ways of operating. The last decade has seen the Future Workshop method become increasingly popular in Sweden.

Mini workshop

Suitable for groups of all sizes. Everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute, be they talkative or reticent, young or old. No one can gain the upper-hand.

Based on the concept that everyone plays an active role in helping to identify priorities and decisions which have to be made, the workshops can be one to five hours in length, depending on the numbers participating and/or how in depth you want to go.

Enspirited Envisioning

– Creating and sharing attractive visions that lead to action!

Do you understand your innermost visions? It is wise to try to do so as, normally, most visions are in direct conflict with what you want to achieve while others are in step. It’s the strongest visions that always win over others, no matter what you want or think about it.

By concentrating on the right visions, everything should all work out just fine! OK, maybe not completely, but life will definitely become easier. Even the experts agree on that!

Enspirited Envisioning takes you through theory and practical training sessions to teach you to use your inner strengths and creativity. It produces results.

Enspirited Envisioning is a method of identifying a compelling future vision that encourages action. Devised in the USA by Warren Ziegler, it has developed over the last 30 years, particularly in Canada and America. Ziegler, a former futurologist, has since visited Sweden to educate a number of the country’s process leaders in the concept and has also held a number of workshops here.

Inez is the ultimate pedagogue. She is creative, she can think outside the box and she is able to adapt to every unique situation.
Nils-Åke Sjösten, Ph.D in Adult Pedagogic Studies