Process leader

Picture of Inez Abrahamzon process leaderI have always been interested in people and getting results. I think this is because I was brought up on a farm where it was normal practice to try to do everything as efficiently as possible – together.

Success depends on creating ideas, organising them, realising them and, finally, evaluating them. Each step must be given time and its own method if it is to have maximum impact and knowledge and skill are required to achieve this.

I can help you identify the right method to handle all sorts of challenges. My methods are all well-proven, the majority of them based on solid scientific research.

You choose the assignment’s contents and I will provide the necessary tailor-made tools. By combining knowledge of the facts with a desire for change we can make things happen – together!

Inez leads the process using humour and well-honed skills. Her pen is exciting, suitably sharp and all- encompassing. I congratulate those who, like me, have got to know her.
Karl-Erik Nilsson, Chairman of the Swedish Football Association


Since 2006 I have been studying the Bowen Systems Theory of organisational leadership at Luleå University, at home and, currently, at Georgetown University in the USA. I am convinced that these are the methods for leadership and organisational development in the future.

The Bowen Systems Theory focuses on relationships as opposed to individuals. This is a sound idea as each person, naturally, has a wide variety of relationships with different people in varying situations. The theory is substantial and regarded as complicated to learn, but I think it is still easy to understand. It is worth working with a mentor as you will achieve results which are not only positive but long term and sustainable. By understanding the patterns of your actions and your strategies when co-operating with others, you will be able to affect your life and the lives of others to a greater degree than you ever thought possible.

In spring 2014, I will start mentoring groups where the focus will be on helping people to understand how to interact with others – and why!