“Passion+vision+action = mathematics of success!”

Passion-vision-action = mathematics of success

A talk that addresses what governs both individual and group development. I introduce the relationship between one’s own will and fantasy (our dreams), define various forms of development is and how they are governed. I present various organisational models and examples of what an optimal group could look like – all based on theoretical models and my own personal experience. There is also a section that highlights how to avoid certain dangers and traps! For the organisation or process to achieve success, it is important to understand how necessary safeguards could promote or hamper future development.

This talk is aimed at individuals, organisations and businesses that work actively on development, participation and efficiency. I adapt the examples and theory to suit each audience and circumstances.

“Send us a picture of someone using a sled”

Inez Abrahamzon will lecture

During my time as a writer and journalist, I saw how movies and media in general depicted images of those who lived in rural areas. They carried an ever present theme that was overtly stated. There are still instances in today’s media in which what is reported is open to interpretation. This talk tackles the different roles of men and women as depicted by the media and in films, as well as my own, often extremely embarrassing, experiences.

By seeing through the media’s standard use of imagery, you will be able to improve how to choose your message, how to target its delivery and how to know when not to apply it.

With its rural perspective, this talk is aimed at journalists, arts workers, journalists and so called “normal” people who wish to enjoy a good laugh when unearthing some of the truths about rural life.

She is unique when it comes to a combination of scope, communication skills and commitment. There are few who have such in-depth knowledge about so a wide range of topics. Inez also has a fantastic personality, big heart and deep wisdom.
Patrik Oksanen, Managing Director Sportwire and former SVT Västerbottensnytt boss

Lecture by Inez Abrahamzon